Our Heritage

The UU World of Children is an outreach program of the Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

It would not exist without the initial and ongoing support of the Fellowship, which has:

  • Approved by unanimous vote its creation in 1997.
  • Provided two classrooms, paid utilities, and originally paid for two scholarships annually.
  • Provided startup money ($8,000), construction advice and labor for necessary alterations to the existing structure.
    bill_wunch_speakingBill Wunch, longtime member of the Fellowship and former President, and approximately thirty Fellowship members contributed time and labor to the reconstruction.
  • Provided dozens of volunteers for the preschool since its inception; these volunteers help in areas like landscaping, grant writing, repairs, and reading in the classrooms.
  • Supported the preschool financially by making contributions to the scholarship fund and supporting twice-yearly fundraising events at the Warehouse Theatre and the yearly spaghetti dinners.
  • Support the planning and operation of the UUWoC with GUUF members who willing serve on the UUWoC board.
  • Approved and completed a construction project in 2014, funded by members, which included a space specifically designed for the preschool.  (This project has been completed and the preschool now occupies that beautiful space.)
  • Called ministers, beginning with Jennifer Slade, who was instrumental in its conception, have consistently backed and vocally encouraged the preschool’s existence in its present form.

The genesis for such support was the guiding principles of Unitarian Universalism, which match the mission of the school.  
These principles include:  the inherent worth and dignity of every person;  justice, equity and compassion in human relations;  an acceptance of one another. 

They mirror the preschool’s ambition to provide Montessori education for any child, to model and elicit children’s fairness and kindness, and to nurture an acceptance of all persons.